Eufycam 2C delay detection delay when leaving?


I have a Eufy 2C pro homekit and I would like to know if it’s possible to use the delay when going in Away mode to disable detection of people ?

When leaving, I go in Away mode, the countdown I put for alarm is working : I have 300s to leave my house, but when I go in front of a camera during this timer I receive notifications saying it detects a person.

Could I disable that ?


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The alarm is delayed, but the cameras are armed instantly (as you have changed to the mode already). This cannot be changed.

Many of us have been asking for a while now… maybe someday?

is that possible to ask dev to add this feature which seems … mandatory

I have the same problem with the Eufy 2C. The camera is pointed at the keypad, so the Eufy 2C cam alarm will go off often when I turn the alarm in away mode. I’ve already turned the option “delay when leaving” on for the Eufy 2C, but this doesn’t work for the camera alarm. That’s recording it’s fine for me, but the camera-alarm is going off as well. This is very confusing and not correct.

Please Eufy Devs, fix this!

I’m thinking about to turn the motion detection off for the Eufy 2C, maybe this will fix the unnecessary alarms. Not the ideal solution, but I still have the motion sensor and entry sensor which also should trigger the camera to record with some automation settings I hope.

Is this already fixed? Most of the time the Eufycam doesn’t go off anymore within the delay, but it still does sometimes. I can’t explain why that is.

Do the Devs read those problems in this forum? I don’t see any reaction.

It’s still not fixed. It shouldn’t be that hard.