EufyCam 2c Condensation

I had a issue towards the end of last year were both Eufy 2C cams (front and back) during cold weather we’re experiencing condensation so the image was ultra blurry and unrecognisable.

Eufy replaced these however the replacements (2 weeks old) have started to go blurry with the same condensation issue as before. Is there any way to prevent this from happening? Kind of defeats the point of the camera when you can’t see anything!

I have had my Eufy 2c cameras for about 6 months now. Within the last month they have got really bad with condensation.
It’s raining now outside, and the picture is near useless.
My Reolink camera gets affected but not nearly as bad as my Eufy ones, all in similar positions too.

I’ve found that Rain-X for plastic helps keep the image viewable, it doesn’t fix it completely but it does help. Regular Rain-X will ruin the lenses, but they make a formula for plastic headlights that works.


Boy … would love to see a side by side test of this product. I live in the Pacific Northwest and this is a daily fight. Fog and condensation are pure trouble here. Eufy… want to sponsor me? I will do the scientific tests… you provide the gear.

Years ago many companies called me on my tests… Eufy…will… Never

I will say this. I have moved my 2c cams to the worst spots. The spotlight cuts through camera blinding yuck when needed. I wish that spotlight was 4 times brighter… But it’s better than looking at grey.

I am also in the Pacific Northwest, so was looking for solutions and the plastic formula Rain-X does help. I slather some on when I charge the cams or if one looks particularly bad. I tried it on one and the decided the results were good enough to do them all. YMMV.

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This is what I had a issue with last year, similiar situation with the front camera, Eufy replaced them.

Right now… IR

Right now 2c spotlight. Not even that bad out but you can see the point. They were looking into a spotlight cam with a serious light. I would be all over that cam!

@Home1728. They replaced your cam because of fog? Im embarrassed for them. Wow. Welcome to life on this planet. Fog… find a magical elf to change it. Condensation… a camera hood helps a bit or an internal camera warmer and a wiper. 5k I’m guessing?

An IP67 Weatherproof prouct that turns out to not be weatherproof… False advertising there, replacing is the least they could do.

Wait. That looked like fog. What did it look like in the middle of the day?

If water got in your cam … it would be trash always. Bring it indoors… trash. Daylight…trash. I would bet your wrong. Show me.

Your example picture above… that happens at least 3 times a week this time a year. I have 6 outdoor cams… ALL of them. (2 not Eufy) None of them did water breach. All the cams I care about have a motion light backing them. I turn off IR on those nights trouble is clear. I get what I get on those nights. I live where I live and I get what I get. These cams are not magic.

IP rating means it won’t break under weathery conditions, not that condensation can’t take place, gheez…
It’s the IR light bouncing off of the condensation, like chef’s pictures clearly show.

In the evening on a dry evening, IR turned off…

The cams were purchased for outside use, what’s the point of taking them inside, that’s not where I want them… There’s also been no fog when these captures taken so that rules that out.

What’s ‘dry evening’? Has it been dry the entire day, or did it rain an hour prior? The car’s windshield also looks fogged up so that would mean it’s moisty.
Did you remove the plastic sticker on the lense when you mounted the camera?

It had been dry but cold throughout the day.

Yes done the obvious and removed the plastic sticker from both cams.

That’s what you got from my post??? Oh boy. I can’t deal with logic like that. I’m out.

I will say that ring cameras have “magic cameras”. They are impervious against ANY atmospheric conditions. Even on Dec 7th. Peace

I have this problem, pegged a suitable cloth/tissue etc on a floor polisher and go out and wipe the camera, anti moisture/condensation wipes for a car work also, obviously the door bell camera can be easily wiped