EufyCam 2C cameras not recording events?

Cameras not recorfing key crucial events, family leaving and returning home?? Any help/ advise welcomed

Need more info… what are they missing? I just had 2 vehicles drive past 3 cameras an hour apart and none of them picked up anything. This is a normal thing for me every morning. Frustrating

I wish I could have some technicians pull my cams and software apart and figure this out. I can see from other cameras that the cams trigger because I can see the IR light turn on… but they ignore vehicles like it’s set to human only.

Walk past the cam or view them live an everything goes back to normal. Something happens when modes switch by schedule. Ugh.

What are yours doing?

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Having same issue with one of the 2c. I walk by at night, I see IR goes on and than turns off after few seconds, no motion detection. I have it set to detect all motion at level 6. I’ve also walked back, trying to trigger motion, but same happened. Very disappointed

Wish I could work with someone to resolve this. It will pick up a baby bunny when it’s working… it should never miss this: ( but does every day )