eufyCam 2C and HomeKit: flashlight keeps turning on

Hi all!
I’ve purchased an eufyCam 2C kit and a third camera a month ago.
I bought them because I wanted to use these cams with HomeKit (I have an iPhone, an iPad and an Apple TV 4K).
I had some troubles at first so I ditched the HomeKit integration and went on with Eufy Security app.
Last day there was the infamous bugs where random guys had access to someone else’s cams, so I panicked and decided to block all internet traffic from the Homebase and give HomeKit a new try.
I have some issues/questions:

  1. I set up all three cams with no stream/recording when at home and stream/recording when not at home
  2. I set up all three cams to notify only for human movements
  3. no others settings

Why the flashlight turns on when I move in my home?
Shouldn’t the cams be “disabled”?

I can achieve this with Eufy app, but with HomeKit?
Can I completely disable the motion sensors/cams/whatever when I’m at home?
Can I enable (with a schedule? Or Siri?) only 2 cams to record motions/video at night?

Thanks in advance!

No help at all? :cry: