EufyCam 2 video glitches. new out of the box

Hi. my brand new eufy cams are glitching. both from the same box. anyone have any suggestions how to fix it?


Try checking for updates

It says it’s on the latest firmware.

@RonaldNL Bad sensor would contact support and get a replacement sent out.


Thanks. yeah it does not look great. i will monitor the cameras more tomorrow and see if the issue persist, if it does I will just have to return them to the store

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Try deleting the cameras and resetting them up again

that did not work. i sent an email to anker to see if they have any suggestions or if they can exchange them. otherwise I’ll send them back to Amazon for a refund.

It really looks like a bad camera/sensor to me.
I’d go for a replacement through eufy. I think the Ankerdirect seller is eufy itself, so they should be able to provide support here.