Eufycam 2 updating

Hi All,

My EufyCam2 has been updating for 3 hours already. Should i wait longer or try something else please?


Can you not connect to it? Contact support if you can just in case.

Thanks. As one of the camera struggled to update to system 2.6.2, i have tried to restart both Homebase 2 and launched the updates. It worked after few attempts.

My cameras have also been updating for several hours and the batteries are draining

My cam2 is also updating the whole day already and has drained almost half of its battery…

Try to restart homebase, mine took 3 restarts until one of the cameras successfuly updated :frowning: After that the update took about a minute

I had exactly the same. Camera constant update loop and drained the battery. Great had to get the ladders out to get my tree cam down in the rain. Nice cheers Eufy software developers. Not your finest work !

I had the same issue. One of my camera’s got stuck in an update loop.
I had to find the time, then physically get to it (ladder) to take the camera down. After plugging it in, pressing the sync button on it a few times, finally it started to update.

Had to leave the cam on the charger overnight, as the update loop nearly drained it.