EufyCam 2 Pro updating but not really

Currently stuck in 3.6.8 firmware. It tells me 3.8.0 is available, so I tap update. It shows me that it’s updating for a few minutes and when it’s done it’s still in 3.6.8. So nothing is happening. I have two other cams that updated no problem.

I’m having the exact same problem with a 2 Pro. The Home Base 2, the battery doorbell, and one 2 Pro cameras update without a problem, but this one 2 Pro won’t take the update. I’ve restarted the Home Base 2 through the app and tried unplugging power for a minute. Nothing is working. The base is connected by ethernet and the connection to the camera is “great” 4 bars. Did you ever find a solution?

I did that. Didn’t work. Camera had other problems with exposure, and slow connection and response. Eufy support talked me through all troubleshooting and concluded the camera was a dud. They suggested that I exchange it at Best Buy, where I bought it.