eufyCam 2 Pro is basically useless - not capturing any expected motion/video

I recently purchased the new eufyCam 2 Pro to watch over my cars parked in my 2-car driveway. I am using the default settings, except for turning up the motion sensitivity a couple of notches. My cameras are installed at the upper corners of my garage door, pointed diagonally across the driveway. I’ve circled them in red:

They are not triggering when I’d expect them to and not capturing any video. I walked up my driveway from the street (not out of the garage), got in my car, and drove away. I did not receive a notification and no video was captured.

From the live stream, the cameras have a clear view of my cars:

Is there a better way to place the cameras, or changes to the settings, to capture anyone getting near my cars? As it stands, I’m getting nothing from these cameras and leaning towards returning them. According to the eufySecurity app, the firmware is current on the base station and both cameras.

Some followup questions…

Where did you see that max tilt recommendation? I don’t recall seeing it in the manual. Does that assume the camera is mounted to a vertical surface (like the frame around my garage)? They are currently mounted to a horizontal surface (the underside of my overhang) and are angled up as far as I could get them.

I saw another post (after I’d mounted the cameras) that indicated that the “hot” zone was maybe the bottom half of the frame. Is that a true thing? If so, my active zones may be aimed where no one will show up. :frowning:

I chose a battery-powered camera because I’m not equipped to run power anywhere. More things to learn.

Any suggestions on other systems that are worthwhile? Local storage (and no associated storage fees) is a pretty compelling feature of the eufy offering.

Wow you have 2 cams in the same location and they still can’t pick up motion or video! Those are nice cars if security is important to you it’s best to find a reliable system. This is crazy.

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The first one i purchased from Best But returned because in test mode it would seem to work but would not pick up any activity at 7 sensitivity. I swapped for a second one and it seemed to work better but still missed activity. I think they need more tweeking and updates.{motion detection} This is how i got it working ok. Set sensitivity to 7, then set all motions {detection type},create a motion zone of the entire area just 1 zone. But i think what started it working was under power manager set customize recording set a clip length, i set 30 seconds and 5s tretrigger. It has been working great even picking up cats etc. The angle does matter so adjust accordingly. If you still have problems i would return for the eufycam 2 1080p version it detects much better and i have sensitivity set at 4. The video quality is not much difference.

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Another EUFY Special - i.e. the likely explanation is this is another half finished product brought to market…