EufyCam 2 Pro Homebase Connection

I have just bought and installed several EufyCam 2 Pro cameras. They are operating fine. However, when I’m away from home and on my phones LTE I cannot access the recorded video or my cameras. When I’m home connected to my Wi-Fi I can view the videos and everything works fine. All I have at home is a cable modem and a google mesh network.

How do I fix this so I can view my cameras on my phone while not connected to my home wifi network?

Not a very tech knowledgeable person so help in the simplest terms/lingo possible!


Same issue here. The one I purchased a couple months ago works fine but the new one from Amazon I cannot view outside of the local Wi-Fi network

Have you ensured all of the devices firmware and software with in the app is up to date?

Second the homebases are only capable of supporting I believe 4 cameras per homebase. So that could lie your problem off the bat. If you are using more then one homebase. Then I would recommend contacting eufy support. Get out while you can.

Have the same problem, did you fix it yet

No, not yet. Eufy gave me a potential solution, but suggesting that I should contact my network IT for help. I dont think my household has an IT Department or anyone that knows how to work around my firewall. So it was little to no help.

What type of cable modem do you have? Are you using the ISP provided one or have you bought your own? I read from this post that the firewall in the modem provided by the ISP is probably to blame.

I was able to fix it and it was pretty easy. I have a google mesh network. I went into the google app and went to port forwarding. I changed port 80 to port 80TCP, Port 443 to 443TCP and 65535 port to 65535UDP. Now I am able to view and make changes via the internet portal. It took two minutes to do.

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This happened to me too everything was working fine but not all of a sudden I can view live feed away from home. Eufy needs to get there shit together.