Eufycam 2 Pro charging all the time?

Can I leave my Eufycam Pro 2 on charge all the time? This is so that I can have real-time always on display of the area without the battery draining too quickly.

Won’t work. Even if you power the cam 24/7, it won’t go on permanent live view. These are designed to sleep until they detect motion and powering them all the time won’t change that.

Also, it will ruin your batteries and the cam will eventually die. Lithium batteries don’t like continuous charge. It creates internal particle damage and kills the battery life.

You might be better off using an indoor 2k camera. These don’t have batteries and you can power them all the time. You have all your storage on the SD card or you can use RTSP and stream them to a NAS. Lots of users have mounted them outside, under cover, and had good luck with them.