Eufycam 2 Pro battery life!

Hi guys,

I recently (Januari) bought 2x EufyCam 2 Pro on the official Anker page (AliExpress).

Im happy about the cameras, but the only thing I wonder is the battery life. Its already below the 50% and we justed pasted 2/3 months. How about that? Is this normal?

Both of the camera’s are in Homekit aswell, while just 1 of the 2 is doing Homekit secure video…

And then 1 more question, if there is any powerplug nearby the camera’s. Can I leave it ‘powered’ with the kabels in the powerplug?

Homekit is a known battery hog. Maybe charge one cam all the way up and remove it from everything but the Eufy app. Watch it for a while and see what your battery drain is now. I have 2 2 pros and the battery life seems to be in line with the rest of Eufy cams given the number of activations. The one with the most activations (14 per day so far) has lasted 2 months and still has 68%
left. The other one is only a month old and has 7 activations per day. Its at 85%. I have both set for 40 second clips and 5 sec. re-trigger.

Don’t leave the cams plugged into power all the time as it will shorten battery life and reduce capacity. You might try using smart plugs that you can control remotely. That will let you charge the cams whenever they need it, but not overcharge.

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Thanks for the response, I was thinking exact the same way about charging. I will place 2 smartplugs with the cameras plugged into the charger. When it will get below 10% i will start charging to 100% and then turn the charger off again!

I will try to use without Homekit, lets see what will happen.

The best for the battery is to start charge it about 20% and then change it to about 80%, in this way you will get best battery life

I never let my lithium batteries drop below 40%, if I can help it. If you think about the act of charging, the longer you have to charge, the more heat you put into the battery. This reduces battery capacity and life. Charging a battery that’s at 20% takes longer and generates more heat than charging one that is at 40%. Back when batteries were replaceable, you could see the amount of warp in the battery by putting it down on a flat surface. The more warp, the less battery capacity, was a good visual indication.

Thanks for the advice guys!

Great tips here :+1: