Eufycam 2 pro 2k resolution issues

So I bought the Eufy cam2 pro 2k (2 camera system) from Best Buy a few days ago. Upon opening the box there’s nothing saying 2k anywhere on it nor while setting up the cameras and home base. Mounted one 5ft away from my Ring stickup cam and the other on the opposite corner of my house. Though the night vision in color is a great feature, there is no clearity difference in streaming or recording between Eufy and my Ring and the ring is only 1080p. I’ve got both cameras set to stream high and record in 2k in the settings but it sure doesn’t look one bit better than my Ring. Is there a way to find out what resolution I’m actually streaming and recording in? Is there. Cam2 pro that’s not 2k that maybe I was sold mistakenly? I’m at a loss here and staying to regret not buying the Arlo pro 3 2k like I was going to

Check the bottom of the cameras near the mounting spot. There it should say eufycam 2 or eufycam 2 pro or something.
Also did you check in the settings whether the recording quality is at the highest?

Yes, I’ve got the recording set to 2k and live feed set to the highest. Sensitivity turned all the way up on both and I’ll get 1 notification for one cam to every 10 notifications on the other cam when they’re both looking at the same thing. I think I got a bad batch or something, I’m having way too many issues

You can check whether a video is 2k by downloading it from the app and check the details of the videofile.
As for the motion detection, it may require some tweaking to get it right. If it does not improve however, I’d suggest writing to support for more official suggestions and solutions