EufyCam 2 not recording in Apple Home app

Since about 2-3 weeks ago, one of my camera’s has completely stopped recording in the Apple Home app. It still records and detects motion like normal in the eufy app. My settings are setup correctly to detect motion and record video in HomeKit. I’ve tried removing the camera and re-adding it, restarting the eufy hub, restarting my modem and even removing the eufy hub and all cameras completely and re-adding them but to no avail. Any suggestions? They’re all running on the newest firmware.

Double check and make sure whatever apple device you are using is on the 2.4Ghz wireless network as the cameras. Otherwise it won’t record and only show live stream

@Tank if the eufy home base is tied to HomeKit and cameras are tied to home base then checking what WiFi they are on doesn’t matter. All cameras tie to home base. It’s a fault in the camera so a simple reset of camera should work and re-add to home base. Also to use HomeKit the device can be wired doesn’t have to be on WiFi. Just my 2¢