Eufycam 2 - Motion Detection off icon

Hi, does anyone know how to get the little red icon that lets you know “Motion Detection” is off back on? It appears on the camera preview/summary screen. Thanks.

So is your motion detection off?

Thanks for reaching out. If the issue still persists, please send us a screenshot to

Please provide the eufy account and the serial number located on the camera device so we can further assist you.

We apologize for the inconveniences, look forward to hearing back from you and wish you a lovely day.

No it still works. When I disable it in the app, I would get a little icon on the summary screen that indicates the MD is turned off. When you disable the MD, a pop-up comes up and I accidentally tapped the choose to disable the reminder icon. Just wondering how to get it back on.

Sorry I do not know how to get the icon back on.

Thank you for your reply.

In this case, could you please update the eufy security app to the laest version?

Please also make sure the motion detection setting has been disable. Please feel free to reach out so we can have the engineering team to look into this case for you.

Remember your satisfaction is our top priority and we will be sure to resolve the issue for you.

The notifying icon still hasn’t returned.