EufyCam 2 missing more events now after home base update

Anybody else noticing more missed events on the eufyCam 2 after this latest HomeBase 2 update?


I have a similar experience using the 2C cameras. Cars 100ft out will pickup every time. But walking around within 20 feet of the camera? Nada.

I don’t know what’s worse - Eufy’s detection AI or HomeKit :confused:


My cam 2s can pickup a vehicle from over 100’ away and not get a person within 20’ also. Put up an activity zone to help. No wait! That doesn’t work for ??? either. They want to give me $40 off because they know it sucks. I keep trying to love them and deal with the false advertising.


Same, I have the wired 2K Doorbell and I took off the activity zone, and turned up the sensitivity. It now catches all events (cars, people, animals, etc.) but my EufyCam 2 on the porch still is late to record and sometimes doesn’t even record at all

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My 2c still not have any recording events shown up since 13th. Tried restarting base, re mount camera and nothing works and eufy support said their server issue on 13th has since been fixed, I won’t think so seeing the number of people still having issue with this


I also have problems with my wireless Doorbell. Many events are not recorded.

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Same. Missing several motion events entirely. Also just recently I’ve been getting a lot of push notifications, but no event gets recorded. Some times when I click the notification I can see activity that should have been recorded but was not. Other times when I click the notification it’s a blank image that won’t load anything. It was fine a couple weeks ago.


Same! I’m past my return period and they won’t even honor their 1 year warranty on this defective product…Beware! Their support has been no help.

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Nothing recorded after 430 p.m. last night. Fireworks across the street not caught. Night before for four hours no recordings. Had a skunk outside my bedroom window and nothing caught. Have 7 - 2c cameras and 2 spotlight cams getting installed today. Wish I had heard all negative info before I got these. Miss many recordings. I live on a corner lot with 4 cams angled to streets. Should catch video of movement on all cams when c ars go around from one area to other, at least 2 cameras even if they don’t cgo around the corner. I hear the cars, but don’t have videos. Had a drive by shooting and vandalism for first time in this area since my ancestors bought the property over 100 years ago. Need security, but if this does start working, it’s not very comforting.

@Haadsecure @Mengdi I noticed the same. I automated Camera A’s motion detector to trigger camera B to record also. Instead I only get a recording from B. No recording from A. It seems it only use A as a motion detector and will not record to the same camera. No way to set the automation to trigger it’s own camera recording either.

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@Haadsecure @Mengdi Definitely not recording. It worked perfect for one week. Then we got some updates and the servers were down for a while on June 12 and 15. Nothing has been right since. I completely uninstalled and reinstalled the entire system (removed every device from app, manually turned off all hardware, uninstalled app). It seemed to work for a day.

I’m testing it today and keeping track. So far 6 cameras all on max sensitivity. So far 99 notifications of movement, but only 3 recordings. Power settings changed to NOT stop early. It seems to work better overnight but not so much during the day. I live in a small neighborhood of single story houses. Possibly 2.4ghz congestion during daylight hours?

Separate issue is the recording delay. The first week it was snappy and recorded movement very shortly after detecting. Now the thumbnail of the video shows a still image at that early detection, but the actual recording is several seconds later. If I walk past the camera it will show the still thumbnail with me in view, but in the recording I’m already gone (walking at a fairly slow pace).

Dont know what the heck happened. I’m rapidly approaching my deadline to return. I’ve already ordered a competitor which I wont name. I’m going to put both brands up for a side by side comparison. Maybe I’ll find out its the wifi in my area and not the cameras.

Near end of day update:
First- 168 total motion event notifications. Only 11 recorded in my events (local or cloud).

Second- For the recordings that are there, there is 3 to 6 seconds of footage missing between the thumbnail image and the first frame of video, and that is in addition to missing a couple seconds walking through the motion zone. For example, the thumbnail doesn’t even pick me up until I’ve walked 3/4 through the screen, and I’m gone by the first frame of actual video (proper mounted height, activity zones, sensitivity, etc)

Third- I set it to record 15 seconds and turned off early stop of recording. The events that do get recorded are only 10 seconds. Wheres my other 5 seconds? Probably what is missing from the beginning of each recording.

Competitor arrives tomorrow.


@Haadsecure I got it to record again. I deleted all active zones, turned off motion detection, turned off the camera, and closed the app. Then turned the camera back on, activated motion detection and redid the active zones. I think it had something to do with needing to delete and reset active zones because I had tried all those other things already.

Now my issues are:

  1. Missing 5 seconds from recording. I set it to 20 but it records 15 (though the thumbnail will say 20, the recording shows 15). It shows me as a still image before playing the video where the motion sensor first detects me. Then then it’s like there was a cut and the video skips ahead several seconds. I set the recording for 5 seconds and when played it says it is 0 seconds long. Shows a still frame of first detection and one more still frame that is skipped ahead 5 seconds.
  2. Automation as mentioned earlier.
  3. Access to local storage and controls when on the local wifi.

Yes, wife drives car into and out of garage not recorded