EufyCam 2 HomeKit Integration

I installed my EufyCam 2 system this past weekend. I was able to add it to HomeKit. But removed it updated some settings. Now, I am unable to re-add it to HomeKit. HomeKit can no longer find my system.

Is this an issue I should contact Eufy or Apple about? Or, is there something that I can do to correct this and re-add my system to HomeKit?

I found two ways to add to HomeKit…

  1. If Eufy Security app is already installed with devices added - go to HomeBase Settings, tap the link “HomeKit Setup”, then tap “HomeKit Authentication”, then select all your cameras. Follow the instructions…

  2. In HomeKit - tap the “+” icon and “Add Accessory”, then scan the barcode on the bottom of the HomeBase, then continue to add the bridge setup on your device, including the setup for all the cameras you want enabled.

You must be the original “admin” on your device in order to add to HomeKit. It won’t work on separate devices even if you’re logged in under the main account. Only after it’s all setup can you share with another account or use on another device.

I went through this process several times over, starting from scratch every time just to get it setup. Worst case, delete the bridge (if any) in HomeKit, delete the Eufy app, then reinstall and start again.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestions. There was a server issue this past weekend that has affected my install into HomeKit. I was told this would be resolve today.

But I’ll note your input for future reference.

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