EufyCam 2 Home assistant integration with motion detection sensor and live video streaming

Hi there,
I know that there is a partially working eufy solution which integrates some functionality into home assistant and node-red. For me this is not working very well at the moment.

I would like to get the motion sensor signal or the person detected signal and of course video streaming functionality. The RTSP Stream is working only when there is Motion detected. So I have no possibility to show the camera stream on my smart home devices/display.

Anker team… This would be a great feature for all of your portfolio. I know lots of people that are interested using your products in their smart home.

So please,… externd the functionality for smart home integration.

Thank you!


have the same problem. I have 2 cameras and wanted to get 4 more, but if i cannot integrate with home assistant it doesnt work whith other sensors i have and it lose its purpose.
Any ideas how to integrate it?

It would be really awesome to have full Control4 integration!