EufyCam 2 - false alerts caused by sunlight

Hi, I’ve set up my cameras but I’m constantly getting false alerts triggering all the time when the sun comes. I live in Scotland so it can be cloudy and sunny thousands of times per day. Each time this happens, the glare in the camera causes the motion to go off.

Does anyone else have this issue?

Play around with the sensitivity settings and see if you find one that works for you. One of my cameras was set off by sunrise and adjusting it to 3 fixed the false alarms

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Did it still trigger for real movement when set that low?

My camera still triggers for movement, the distance is about 5 to 6 feet less than before. But its still enough to trigger it, less someone is secretly Jay Garrick.

Thanks! I tried setting the sensitivity to 4 and while sunlight no longer triggers it a light snow or rain does. This is terribly frustrating, anyone else having this issue? Turning off motion detection isnt really an option, especially since there is no live streaming function which can stream all cameras simultaneously and we hire a guy to sit at a home security desk… Lol… I hope this gets resolved very soon. I am contemplating giving Blink a go if this continues.