Eufycam 2 Failed after 18 months

Hi, I have a eufyCam 2 system and one of the Eufycam 2 Cameras stopped responding.

I have tried charging it, resyncing it, holding down the sync button until it beeps twice, pressing the sync button 5 times, rebooting the Homebase etc but nothing works.

The blue LED flashes on the camera and when attempting to Sync it the camera does make a chime noise, it just never completes the process.

Does anyone have any other suggestions to try? The camera is only 18 months old and should not have failed already.

Thanks In Advance

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If I get a solid year out of outdoor gear I’m overjoyed. Mine just hit 1 year and eyes are starting to wander. This goes for women also.


My first three cams are running for one year and five months now. That’s almost eighteen months. Curious is they will fail.

Mine was 10 months old and kept going OFFLINE for no reason, fully charged, reset, synced all tried repeatedly. WiFi signal was maximum strength as well.
Ended up with a replacement camera in the post. Happy so far with the replacement.

I’m having exact same problem. Can’t reconnect any cameras now and I spoke to them online and they said ill have to replace the home base! Not spending $100+ every 12-18 months. On a homebase. My homebase doesn’t even make a sound when the alarm goes off it just flashes red until it’s done.