Eufycam 2 and homey

Is there an option to connect the eufycam2 to the homey smart home hub? This is an open source hub.


Yes i need this to for my Homey smart home that I can make flows.

Homey app is made, stil in development and update.
Succes. Goodluck

I use it now for a week or so.
The development now goes quite quickly.
And the reaction time from the developer on the (homey) forum is pretty quick.
If now somebody is walking in the front of the camera’s my lights will go on and i get an notification ( with thumbnail ) on my phone.
Also if somebody ring my doorbell i will hear it on every Google home mini and a thumbnail will be send to my google home hub :slight_smile:

The only bad thing is that eufy did not make something like this ^^

But for the rest i am happy :smiley:

sample flow