Eufy with Sonos and Philips HUE?

Hi all,

Im quite new with the Eufy products and I was wondering if it is possible to trigger a alarm with the eufy sensor.
For example:
The front door eufy sensor is triggered: Philips HUE will be turn on(flashing lights) and my sonos system will start playing a alarm sound.

I have been looking a answer for this question for the pas 2 hours but I can’t find a suitable answer.


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Not that I know of. They won’t support Ifttt or even as a trigger in Alexa. Eufy can only trigger other eufy products in the eufy app. Also, you can’t even trigger other eufy products if not connected to the same home base. For example, I have indoor 2k cams (which do not use the home base) that will not interact with sensors connected to the home base.