Eufy Wireless Video Doorbell (Battery-Powered) - UK Indoor chime not working and charging question

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all well?

I received my video doorbell today, charged it all up and got it wired up to my existing doorbell, however i’ve come across a couple of things which I need support on please?

1st off… when it’s wired up, should it be powering and effectively charge my doorbell? If so, is there any indication of this anywhere in the Eufy Security App? When you go into power management on the app, it’s just showing the battery but no charging symbol like I would normally get if using the USB cable - is this correct?

If it does charge the battery, does it only start to kick in if drops below a certain percentage?

As it’s wired up to my existing bell push doorbell which I believe is either 12 or 24v - when I initially wired up it up and flicked the trip switch back on - it chimed as normal… I then pressed the doorbell button on Eufy doorbell, the internal chime went off but there was a delayed reaction almost at finishing the full chime. For example it went “DING”… 1s…2s…3s… “DONG”. Since then, it’s not chimed when the doorbell button is pressed.

I’ve gone into the app and made sure the internal chime was turned on, then turned it off and back on again but still nothing.

I’ve switched the wires around on the terminals thinking perhaps they needed to be the other way, but no joy. Does the homebase chime need to be turned off for the existing to work and visa versa or can they function together at the time time?

Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The doorbell only charges when it drops below 80% I believe and will only go up to 90%. Then repeat when it hits 79% again.

Hello, I’m in the UK and have my wireless doorbell connected up to my old doorbell wiring (has been for 5 months now) Mine always displays the power plug and doesn’t show battery bars… which leads me to believe your wiring isn’t providing the doorbell with enough juice to power it / or your connectors aren’t correctly attached to the doorbell


Verify voltage on the wires with a multimeter at the transformer and then the end of the wires. If the voltage is the same. Then that’s not the problem.

If you intermittently see a charging icon and then goes away. You have a faulty unit. Happend to me as well. I got another doorbell and tested it with some spare wires I had and the issue was the doorbell was faulty and showed the charging icon as it should.

I’ve resolved this now.

My existing doorbell didn’t have a built in transformer so it just wasn’t powerful enough. I’ve removed this completely and replaced it with a 230-12v doorbell transformer and all is working great.

I now have the plug symbol showing on the doorbell :muscle:t3: