Eufy Wireless 2K Doorbell Camera Overheating

Hi all,

I recently installed the Battery Eufy Doorbell Camera ( I have it wired in) and it worked great the first night I installed it. Now that there is direct sunlight on it during the day, the doorbell camera turned itself off due to overheating. Is this due to having the doorbell camera wired in vs running if it’s battery?

Any tips would be great!

Should be easy to tell. Go to the transformer and unhook the wires going to the doorbell. If its heating due to charging, that problem should go away after you run on batteries for a while. If its sunlight, you may have to shield the doorbell.

My battery doorbell is wired up and giving me no problems even with sunlight on it for 8-10

I installed a switch at the old chime location so I could remove power whenerver I wanted and
check battery condition.

Might not hurt to check voltage at the doorbell if you think its a charging problem. Should be no higher than 30 volts AC.