Eufy wired doorbell wiring UK

Hi all,

I hope someone can help me with this.
I am trying to replace an old doorbell in a house with wiring that has not been touched in a while. The instructions from Eufy are fairly straight forward for replacing modern doorbells, but mine is a bit of a mishmash as can be seen from the photos.
Apparently I am supposed to jump the Trans and Front, but I do not have any such markings.

The door bell can be plugged in to a wall socket, but I would rather avoid that if possible.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank in advance.

In most cases it’s as simple as taking off the existing doorbell button which should leave you 2 wires. These can then be connected to the back of the doorbell to either of the screws.

A little icon will appear in the app to show that it is connected to power now. This can be found next to the battery symbol on the home page.

After testing the voltage last night, I decided to just that. Was a bit of a pain cause the existing wires were very short, but aside from that it has been functioning well so far.

Could you not use the wire extensions that came in the box? Or were they still too short after?

I did use them, but trying to splice the wires was a bit tricky due to how short the original wire was. Didn’t help that it was dark and raining :laughing:

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