Eufy wired doorbell event notifications

So I’ve had a problem that is increasing in frequency.

I have a Eufy WIRED video doorbell. For weeks when I first had it, it worked flawlessly. Now, it’s about every 3 or 4 days, I wake up and there is no alerts on my phone. I can go out and wave my hand in front of the doorbell to trigger an event, and it won’t happen. I live in a townhouse and people have to walk past our door to get to their cars, and they are on a pattern, so someone, at least 1 person will trigger the event every single morning, so when I wake up and there is nothing, I know the doorbell has stopped working.

The doorbell will still do live mode, and it will ring and record if someone presses the button. So I know it’s still working, at least partially. With that said, I always have the most recent firmware and everything on my phone is up to date. My wifi connection is solid and pretty close to the modem/router. Having to restart my doorbell every few days, and a few time even twice in a single day, is getting really old.

Is there anything that can be done to fix this?

How is your storage? My cameras just stop recording but live view is fine. The app, for the homebase 2, does not give a clear indication that the storage is full. I needed to log out of the app, kill it, clear the cache and log in again to see the storage-full icons.

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My storage is fine. I actually look and delete all events every single day. So it doesn’t even get to the point of filling up and then overwriting previous data.

Are you on iOS 14?

As of launch date, yes. But this has been going on for months.

Is @eufy or @Eufydoorbell the admins on this page?