Eufy Wired Doorbell 2k - Notification Delay

I just installed a Eufy Wired Doorbell 2K and am finding a delay of between one and two minutes between when the doorbell is pressed and getting a notification on my phone (Android). Anyone else experience this and/or know of a fix?

Mine varies between 2-3 seconds most days, depending on the network load. Sounds like you have 1 of several issues.

  1. Check that you don’t have any battery optimizations on your Android device for the Eufy app. This will slow down notifications.
  2. Make sure you have a good upstream connectivity to the internet. Eufy recommends 2 Mbps but 4-5 Mbps is better. The alerts must be sent up from your doorbell or homebase to be generated on your phone. If you have slow or restricted connection upstream, the alerts will take longer.
  3. If the first two didn’t do it, try switching wifi channels on your router. You could have interference on the channel you are using that will delay your notifications.

Hope one of these will get you working normally. If not, send an email to

Thanks for the response. There are times when I get no notification at all. I have battery optimization turned off for the Eufy app and Android adaptive battery turned off. I’ve also got a strong signal at the doorbell. I’m beginning to think its an issue w/the app because if I open/close the app and then use the doorbell, I get a notification but if the app hasn’t opened for a while, no notification. I feel somehow the app is not “waking up” when there is a long slumber.