Eufy>Wifi>433mhz>Gate Opener

Help needed:

I have a large RV Park where I have the home base 3 system with 8 x 330 cams. Brilliant!

I have also just automated my roller gate. It works by using a four button remote control on the 433mhz range which is common to most, if not all, garage doors and shutter blinds that are automatically opened and closed.

Unfortunately the motherboard does not have terminals for a push once switch. (Door Bell) and relies purely by activation via a remote

Sonoff have a wifi switch that may help but I was looking at incorporating my problem within a doorbell with camera and fingerprint access.

Eufy Garage-Cam?? But it’s not for outdoor use but, maybe you can shield it from the weather? Don’t know the operating temperature?
Needs a power source.
Just a thought…

I keep coming back to your comment, going back to the technical spec, and again back to the site. Can I make my mind up, or reach a decision, can I hell?
I’m contemplating housing the cam in an old-fashioned housing or I hope that Eufy boffins say 'Hey Trev! We’ve knocked this up for you! But Nah! It ain’t going to happen :rofl:

The eufy garage cam won’t work, I see now it needs to be connected to terminals that a push button would connect to.
Are you sure there are no terminals on your gate opener? I just find it odd that there aren’t any and it solely relies on a wireless remote to open and close it.
Unless it’s for maximum security so some thief can’t ground the terminals out and open the gate.
Have you looked at standard wireless keypad garage door openers. It would need to be accessible from both sides of the gate to open and close it.