Eufy video white blown out

Have a problem with camera getting blown out-with white on sunny areas. This never used to happen and now we can’t see half of the video during the day.
This only started happening very recently so i know it can’t be anything else other than software. Please fix


I too am having this issue, I am unable to see the first two seconds of my video because of white out conditions, needless to say those are the important two seconds with the tag numbers on the vehicles.


I am having the same issue…these cameras are getting worse instead of improving !

I have had to recharge 3 times since October 2020 on batteries that supposed to last 365 days …

Too sad that I was told to buy the solar panel that do not exist yet instead of fixing the issue…

I have this issue with a 2c cam in a narrow long front doorway, dark doorway and bright beyond, camera struggles to capture the detail.

Given this issue has been around for quite a while now, it makes you worry that this is more a hardware issue than a software. I only managed to find someone mentioned it was fixed on a previous firmware release, and another mentioning that upon resetting the camera it work properly again. I am on the latest firmware and also tried resetting the camera a few times with no luck. When you have 5 cameras all on same firmware, doesn’t make sense why only 2 are impacted while the other 3 is fine and only happened after a few weeks after the latest firmware was installed. It feels more like a hardware issue with the sensor not working properly as it is not detecting the amount of light when it is asleep. Similar issue I have with a 2 Pro I just got where it doesn’t detect when it is at night and starts off the recording or live feed in colour before switching to B&W.

It is the firmware I am guessing. The auto iris is gone.

Everything is over exposed during Sunny day.
Wonder if Eufy is trying to compete with Wyze V3 for low light sensitivity.

Yes, Eufy pls fix. Just submitted a ticket. I think everyone wants a fix should submit one.

I was told they have a Beta to be ready soon and will be pushed down to my system which should fix the issue.

Keep us inform on your update.

Eufy is great to support its customer

Just downloaded the new firmware 1.7.2 for the Eufycam 2C. Appears to have been fixed but the camera may take a few times to finally adjust. Initially when I went to live view the white flash came up every time but I only open for very short time. Then I let live feed play for a little longer and then the white flash stop. One of my camera which didn’t have the issue, the first video it took when triggered suddenly had the white flash, but subsequent videos no longer have it. So I believe it’s fixed but may take a few times before the camera settles the exposure.