Eufy Video Doorbell - Bluetooth connection problem

Just had the Eufy Video Doorbell 2K (Wired) installed, and am trying to setup from my phone with the app. At the “Voltage Diagnosis” screen, it then goes to a “Reset Device” screen. Following the instructions, I selected “I’ve heard ringtone.”, after which the app hangs on the “Connect Device” screen indefinitely, and every so often the doorbell chime goes off. What do I need to do here? I have Bluetooth on, but the app doesn’t want to connect? Do I need to connect Bluetooth from my phone setup outside of the app. If so, what’s the device name? I had multiple devices pop up, but I couldn’t tell from the names which the right device was.

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Hi @TK113,
I got the same issue with my Eufy Video Doorbell 2K (Wired).
I followed all the instructions, I pushed the main button 5 seconds and I heard a ringtone.
And then, nothing appened (app stay on Connect Device screen).
Is anybody have a suggestion ?
For information, I got a 24VAC / 30VA power supply

Same issue here. Wow I was excited to try it out

Same issue here, any answers yet???

@mcopeland1 contact with your doorbell information. They will help you troubleshoot the issue. Good luck :+1:

SOLUTION: Scan the QR code on the back of the device.

If you scanned the QR code from the instructions in the box, it may not work. I know, I checked the serial number of the device and it does match the number on the paper. That apparently doesn’t matter. The QR in the box can still be wrong. When I started over using the QR code on the back of the device it worked magic.

The guy on the phone said this is a common problem.


I’m having the same issue. The device will not connect. I’ve scanned both the QR code on the box and on the back of the device and it still fails to connect. Anyone have the solution yet?

Have you tried to enter the code manually? There should be 2 rows of 4 numbers next to the QR code. You can click the button to enter code manually and fill in these numbers in place of the QR code.

I had this problem. Instructions say to scan before you install the doorbell. So I did that and it could not find my doorbell via bluetooth.

In the app, I pressed the back button until it took me to the Add Device screen. Re-add the device, scan the QR code and follow the steps. It took less than a minute to get it all connected and onto the firmware update.

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So, first, this is why I despise community based support forums. Not intending to insult all of you, but the “have you tried …” suggestions are BS.

@TK113’s problem description is quite clear – he can’t get past the “Connect Device” step in the app. I am at the same point

• bluetooth is on
• doorbell is visible as an available device for pairing
• listed as ‘DB_<last_4_pairing/QR_code>’
• attempting to pair outside the app results in doorbell chiming and phone asking for pairing code and suggesting 0000 or 1234
• app shows “Failed to connect bluetooth”; lists steps to check; looks like screenshot above

Does anyone have a good reference/link to the correct solution?

@hoang82’s solution isn’t.

@eufy_support – a little more specific help, please? What is “Check the last 4 setup code correctly.” referring to in the device setup process?

!!! UPDATE !!!
I worked through this to come to the following solution/non-solution.

After trying a number of different things, I restarted my phone - VOILA! Doorbell connected first time through the “Add device” workflow.

Not a satisfactory solution, but I will take this ugly win.

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Anybody else have an actual solution to this?

In the same boat. Bought the 2k/chime combo and can’t get either to connect… doni have to have a homebase, too or does this combo work alone? It it states nowhere the I NEED the homebase.

Had the same problem of not connecting to Bluetooth. After two phones and several attempt I switched the phone off completely and restarted, followed the setup procedure and hep presto it was all done.
Don’t feel it’s a satisfactory solution and annoyed that hours were wasted.
Thank you to for the useful post by edw264.

Im stuck at the “failed to connect to Bluetooth” stage despite following advices/suggestions.

I’m also stuck at the “failed to connect to Bluetooth” stage despite following advices/suggestions. Restarted the phone twice. Reset the Eufy doorbell twice. Still won’t connect via Bluetooth or even show up on the phone’s list of Bluetooth devices. This is my second Eufy doorbell. I returned the first one last week after talking to tech support because it wouldn’t power up. I’ll contact support tomorrow and make plans to return this one as well. Tomorrow, I purchase a Ring doorbell. At least it connects.

Scan the QR code on the door bell, NOT the manual! So stupid!

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I have the same problem. My phone asks me for a pin which I don’t know what it is. the device does not connect automatically.

Thanks that completed my install, had the initial connection problems but popped doorbell off and scanned it, works great!

I bought the renewed by Amazon version and couldn’t get Bluetooth to connect until I scanned the qr code on the doorbell as previously suggested. WORKED!!!