Eufy solar panel

Hi guys. Just got my new solar panel setup for the Eufycam 2. How do I know if it’s charging or not? Does the battery symbol change?

Go Into power management and then power source and switch it to solar panel

Edit: sorry I see you have already done this, your battery will charge when sunlight is present, the solar panel icon dictates its charging. If your battery is too low it will take a while for the charge level to increase due to solar being slower than regular charging

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When you click on power management you can see the percentage charged this will start to rise don’t expect a rapid rise put mine on Saturday afternoon And by Tuesday afternoon it had gone from 36% to 58% but is winter short days and the suns not that strong

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I too would like to know this. I’ve had the Solar Panel up for a few days and noticed no charge. I’m in the UK and solar panel is facing north as that’s the only possible place for it, so does not get direct sunlight.

I know the solar panel works as I plugged it into my Nokia brick phone and that stated it was charging however cannot see evidence of charging on the cam.

Solar Panel needs direct sunlight so that can charge eufyCam better. Without direct sunlight, it will only output a weak current.

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