Eufy Security Yard Stake Signs

I know Eufy has stickers but does Eufy have Yard Stake Signs that I can put on my front lawn and near my back door as a security deterrent?

No, there’s no point putting these signs and stickers up anyway. You will literally be telling the thief the exact make of the cameras. They’ll then be able to research how to bypass them. If you really want stickers and signs but buy standard cctv sign from eBay.


I don’t think a robber is going to take the time to research my security system and it’s potential vulnerabilities. I think they’d move to the next house without any security. Also they wouldn’t know which model # I have - seeing as how there are different eufy cameras, doorbells, sensors, etc. Even when talking specific to cameras they have many different models which have different features, etc.

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Bro, on almost all the WiFi Eufy cameras the only thing you have to do is have a power cut or have your internet go down that turns your Homebase2 off and they’ll sneak straight past without you getting any notifications. Plus thieves do target people’s homes who they think have what they want. They don’t just burgle Willy nilly and hope for the best.

The one downfall that many of us don’t like about Eufy is that someone can cut power/internet and then it’s game over. Good thing is that you should of got a notification before that happens.
Everyone has their own preference, I personally don’t see any problem with putting up signs. I too was searching for some signs and found one person selling them on Etsy for a extortionate price.
Before I put up my signs, I actually went online to see if it was a good idea and I found several articles mentioning that most burglars are in fact opportunistic. Aside from the burglars that are prowlers and will scope out houses for days, it’ll still make them think twice.

One thing to note (unless Eufy changed and messed up this feature too, LOL)…but the cameras DO record if the internet or wifi is out.

I’ve tried it out in the past. It won’t send you notifications or you can’t watch the live feed, but it will still capture everything (per your settings). Once the wifi comes back, it’ll take a minute or two and then all your recordings will be in your events page and you can watch it like normal. It’s ONLY when there is no power to the homebase will everything not work.

Does this depend on which model you have? My cameras record to my home base. How will they save videos to home base unit if I have no wifi?

@Gary44 I know they work on the Cam2 and Cam2 Pro. The homebase is what is connected to the internet, not the cameras. The cameras communicate with the homebase separately.

So if the internet/wifi is out, the cameras still continue to work with the homebase…but you’d be unable to access the live feed or get alerts. Does that make sense?

That makes sense. I have the eufy cam2 and homebase 2. I didn’t know that. I thought the cameras communicated to the homebase thru wifi. Thanks for the pro tip.

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@Gary44 I’m not a 100% sure how they communicate with the homebase. It could technically be a wifi signal, but not necessarily need internet connection to work. Or the homebase and cameras connect through a separate unique signal/connection.

I just know it worked for me on two separate occasions when we lost the internet, everything recorded correctly and we were able to see the videos when the internet came back on.

However, the wifi box was powered and working, just no “internet”. So I’d be curious to see if the wifi signal plays a role or not. I’d have to mess with it to see. BUT…if the cameras did use a wifi signal to connect, then I should not have had any issues when my homebase was placed farther away from a camera. So I guess in this particular scenario, it wouldn’t be using the wifi signal to connect. Sorry, hope all this makes sense, lol. Just know that it works! :wink:

These Eufy cams like to often phone home to the Eufy servers. If there is no internet I am pretty sure the cameras go down. If that is the case it is unfortunate because the cams still should be able to record locally especially the wired cams that have a dedicated SD card.

I don’t think they are that smart. I’m sure they would just move on to next house without camera.