Eufy Security Wireless Video Doorbell - events not saved


Our Eufy security wireless video doorbell seems to be missing some basic features when motion detection is turned off. I tested different settings in the app (and also googled it) but I couldn’t find a solution for this problem.

Our front door is too close to the street so we have to disable the motion detection (too many people and cars that are detected).
Is it possible with the motion detection turned off to record a video clip only when the doorbell is pressed?
I can’t find this option, it’s only working when I enable the motion detection (which we cannot use because our front door is too close to the streets).

I also noticed that the “Events” menu is empty.
When someone presses our doorbell, we get a notification from the app but this notification or event is not saved in the “Event” section of the EufySecurity app. Can we enable this or is this also only working if motion detection is enabled?

Thanks for the help.