Eufy Security App Update Records

2021.9.1, v3.3.1

  1. Floodlight Cam 2 Pro supports adding individual activity zones for each preset position.
  2. Floodlight Cam 2 Pro supports multiple languages.
  3. SoloCam adds product tutorials to the settings page.

2021.8.5, v3.3
Optimize the experience of adding device on Floodlight Cam Pro and Solocam

2021.7.25, v3.2

  1. Support new product SoloCam S40.
  2. Add panoramic function to control pan&tilt on Floodlight Cam 2 Pro .
  3. Add product tutorial in the Settings on Floodlight Cam 2 Pro .
  4. Support lock/unlock control in the doorbell‘s live view for Smart Lock with remote control.
  5. Optimize the PINCODE modification experience on Professional Monitoring Service.
  6. Support custom the sound on APP notification if the alarm being triggered on Professional Monitoring Service.
  7. Strengthen the security verification mechanism on all functions.
  8. Fix other problems to make the App ease of use.

2021.6.29, v3.1

  1. Support New Floodlight Cam 2 Pro(T8423)
  2. Support New SoloCam Spotlight(T8122/T8123)
  3. SoloCam(T8130) supports external solar panel function
  4. Optimized Outdoor Cam’s AI marking function

2021.6.1, v3.0

  1. Improved the professional monitoring service experience
  2. Fixed some bugs of Outdoor camera
  3. Support for new eufyCam Solo/Pro

2021.5.22, v2.9.3

  1. Enhanced security level for camera access

2021.5.7, V2.9.2

  1. Optimize the setting of the HomeBase.
  2. Optimize the copy of the battery doorbell.

2021.4.27, V2.9.1

  1. Enhanced network communication security level

2021.4.20, V2.9

  1. Improved the professional monitoring service experience
  2. Fixed bugs of Outdoor Camera
  3. Added multi-language support for some cloud storage features
  4. Optimized Floodlight Camera experience when scanning QR codes

2021.3.31, V2.8

  1. Support for new Outdoor Cam.
  2. Support for Professional Monitoring Service. (Only available in U.S.A)
  3. Fix some bugs.

2021.3.3, V2.7

  1. Update the cloud storage UI
  2. Fix some bugs.

2021.1.29, V2.6

  1. Added more details for the smart lock events on notifcation and history.
  2. Optimize the color of solar panel icon in the app.
  3. Fix some bugs.

2021.1.14, V2.5

  1. Indoor Cam supports setting RTSP username and password.
  2. Add the close button on the Unable to Charge message box for eufyCam series.
  3. The user can manually select a country or region when logging in the app for the first time.

2021.1.4, V2.4

  1. Support for Smart Lock Touch&Wi-Fi T8520.
  2. Clarify the explanation for the doorbell volume settings.
  3. Doorbell T8210 / T8220 / T8222 add a new power saving mode.

2020.12.23, V2.3.1

  1. Optimize the issue that the Indoor Cam live streaming and recording video keep buffering when it played in some old Android phone.

2020.12.7, V2.3

  1. Support Wi-Fi Bridge for Smart Lock Touch T8510.
  2. eufyCam series supports for Solar Panel settings.
  3. Indoor Cam supports for Vietnamese language.
  4. Improve the positioning success rate of Geofencing.
  5. Unifies setting menu UI of doorbell series.
  6. Support to set the internal ringtone and volume in the Wi-Fi doorbell chime settings.

2020.11.12, V2.2.3

  1. Support Wi-Fi Bridge for Smart Lock T8500.

2020.10.20, V2.2.1

  1. Doorbell supports setting the special ghost voice response for Halloween. (Only available during the Halloween interaction days in the app.)

2020.09.30, V2.2

  1. Optimize HomeBase storage space.
  2. Optimize the issue that the eufyCam series occasionally has two identical notifications.
  3. Optimize the Doorbell binding process interaction.
  4. Doorbell T8220 supports Human Only detection at night.
  5. Simplify the default display order for homepage devices on mobile phones.
  6. Optimize the permission application copywriting.

2020.09.22, V2.1.3

  1. Solve the issue that the eufy Security app cannot be searched on some Android phones.

2020.09.18, v2.1.2

  1. Solve the issue that there may be no sound when playing eufyCam 2nd generation clips on Android phones.

2020.09.15, v2.1.1

  1. Solve the issue that the activity zones may be deleted by mistake in eufyCam series

2020.09.08, v2.1

  1. Indoor Cam FAQ supports Japanese.
  2. The eufyCam series supports the setting of pushing screenshots.
  3. Support Wired Doorbell 8202.
  4. Doorbell T8220/020 supports multiple languages.
  5. Entry Sensor supports ““Open”” status alert and ““Daily”” status check.
  6. Increase the maximum number of connectable devices.
  7. FAQ support search.

The eufy app updated to version 2.7 today on my iPhone. Any idea what the updates were?

Latest iOS eufy app update seemed to break the app. The app now crashes every few seconds and doesn’t stay open. Tried to delete and reinstall the app but the issue remains. iOS is up to date. Partner also has the same issue. Losing faith in eufy lately, might have to swap over to the Logitech Circle View 2 cameras.

On Android version 2.9.3 (not even mentioned here yet) works perfectly.

The last update v 3.3.4 for ios has problem with video and sound playing rate. The videos in app show like slow motion and the sounds are continuously breaking. I have floodlight cam 2 pro. When i download the videos it plays fine in my iphone. I have another iphone with the eufy security app version 3.3.3 and videos as well as sounds play fine there ! The problem shows up after updating to version 3.3.4! Can you please fix this problem ASAP? It is very annoying!