Eufy Security App on Google Pixelbook Fails to Load

I have used the Eufy Security app on my Google Pixelbook successfully for over a year. The app on the larger display Pixelbook is really superior to viewing current or past activities on my (8) Eufy Pan & Tilt 2K Cams.

Unfortunately the Eufy Security App now fails to load on my Pixelbook. Selecting the app icon results in either nothing happening or a Google ‘app failed to load’ popup. The last version to work correctly is version eufy_v3.0.0_964.

The feedback from Eufy Support was to just go back to the last working version. While this is possible by installing that version from an APK file in a Linux Container, its a short term fix. As soon as Google Apps are checked for new updates, the Google Play Store installs the latest version of the app which does not work.

Its been months and no solution or update from Eufy Support.


I have this exact same issue. It used to work with my Pixelbook and was the main reason in selling off my Blink and Wyze units and moving them all to Eufy (Over 19 cameras in all). My spouse and I used our chromebooks to review video with the kids as we both use smaller android phones that cannot take advantage of the 2k videos to show details.

Running the application under ChromeOS Version 98.0.4758.107 (Official Build) (64-bit) the 4.11 application crashing on startup even after granting all application permissions manually.

I would love to see Eufy Support chime in on this issue so we can get this working again soon so I am not having to look for another solution to reviewing videos.


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will not load the app on my chromebook either,