Eufy Security app live multi-view can group

I’ve been a Wyze cam guy for the past year or so but have experienced local storage playback lags and too much pixelation on videos. The Eufy 2K cams have so far solved these two issues but there is one big missing feature from the app. We need to be able to group cameras and have live multi view. I would like to have a glimpse of my app and be able to see what is going on at that moment on more than one cam at once. Also to be able to mute notifications quickly on that group of cameras in one button wouldn’t hurt either. Almost the perfect cam setup!


I also support this. To be able to Group Indoor Cams and have a one button ARM or DISARM. HOPE Eufy does this…

If I can’t have full homebase support… this would sure make life easier using multiple wired cams!

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