Eufy Security App (IOS)

This is prior to the v 1.9.0_567, which I updated to on my phone on July 31. I am currently running the app on iPhone XS Max, 13.5 and have a 7 camera system with doorbell. This is especially noticeable when there is motion in the front of my house so it typically triggers 3 cameras at once. There will be ~1 second lag in my device when I try to click on notification or move it away. Does anyone notice that when there was activity or on-screen notifications there is significant lag in the device?

Purchased the 2C four camera set worked great, no lag in viewing notifications or events. Added six extra 2C cameras, continuously lags trying to view notifications and events. Contacted Eufy, was advised to only have 4-5 cameras connected to one Homebase. I now have two Homebases’s with five cameras per Homebase.

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Did the additional homebases help? I currently have no more than 3 cameras on each homebase, I have 2 of the older ones and 1 of the secured homebase. I do additional have 3 door sensors so if they are counting security items it create possible issues.

It has helped me. Hardly any issues viewing live and recorded events.

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