Eufy Security 2K Lags When Starting Playback of Video Events

I have the Eufy Security 2K Indoor Cam Pan & Tilt. As I scroll through the history of movement events in the PLAYBACK window, I often get the “Preparing To Play” message in the video window for 20 seconds to a minute while the video loads before it starts to play it on my iPhone 11 Pro Max in the Eufy app. Sometimes the video starts playing immediately, but often I have to wait for it to load.

How can I get these recorded movement events to start playing immediately as I scroll through the events in the timeline (the vertical orange bars)? Is there a way to send the events as snippets to my phone so they load immediately?

I have a HeimVision 2K 3MP Security Camera, Pan/Tilt/Zoom that creates a list of snippets of the files it saves when there is movement and there is no lag playing back any of these snippets.

Both cameras are on the same wifi router. How do I get the Eufy to playback recorded video on demand as snappy as my HeimVision?

Set it to record continuously instead of by motion.

Are you using SD cards or something else? I know some cards are quicker to access than others