Eufy S100 top doesn't seal well around top

So installed a Eufy S100 today, if you look at the picture. The top of the camera/light doesn’t seal well with the base. Even with the 2 side set screws. They should have put 2 set screws on the top too. I ended up sticking a piece of electrical tape on the top to cover the small gap from rain, but curious why this wasn’t discovered during testing as well as longing for a long time solution.

Take no offense please but, could it be possible that the power wires are protruding a slight bit outward causing the top not to seal properly?
Or do you think it’s too heavy for only two screws to support it?

Yep, I double and triple checked the wires. Couldn’t get any neater. I do have 1 other I need to install (if it ever stops raining, so ill report back after I get that one up.

I ended up putting some clear silicone around the top and sides to seal it in. Mine sat flush against the brick outside, but it didn’t fully seal at the top of the brick, so some sort of weatherproofing was needed.

Good find. Thanks for that link. So in other words they know about the issue now and maybe but doubt it, they’ll redesign it with a set screw on top.
You did the right thing sealing it up. I wouldn’t want rain water seeping in there and pooling up.
Question: before you had tried mounting it did the two parts snap closed together without any issues?
I still think it may be just too heavy and causing it to droop down a bit and then you have the gap on top because of it.

I did try to attach the base to the light/camera on my second one I installed before putting it on the wall, it seems to seal better on the top but I was holding it vertically so wasn’t any pressure on the unscrewed sides.

Also accidentally just deleted my post, so here it is again.

So I found this (from the Eufy App) it probably should be on the support page for the S100 because there is no easy way to search for it. - Solving a Difficulty with Installation - Solving a Difficulty with Installation

But the important part is:

If you have the same problem, rest assured that despite the small gap, the waterproofing is intact and you don’t need to be concerned about it. There is a foam ring that resists water penetration and the product has an IP65 waterproof rating. The gap will have no impact on use.

So basically they are saying the gap won’t cause any issue. Though I’m no electrician but they are basically saying if water gets inside its ok? I’ll be screenshoting it for if/when it breaks an they deny repair due t o water intrusion