Eufy responses to the community

Hi All, new to eufy and this community. I don’t see a lot of response from the company. Do they not monitor or get involved? Surely they have to be part of the community as the suppliers and builders of the kit!! Just saying eufy, let me know.

Welcome! Eufy is a strange company. They have moderators that watch this board… and escalate to the designers if they see a bug that is a clear problem with many people. That’s about it. I don’t think they even use their products in their own homes. If they did we would see many of ridiculous choices they make fixed very quickly.

They also don’t seem to find those diehard users that clearly use an get their products…. And pull them under their wing for their knowledge and input?!?



Just joined this community as I’m desperately trying to work out the settings on the doorbell. I was away for a week and no alerts for the postman. But there was plenty on the mat when I got back. Because I checked the camera regular the battery was on the red after 10 days.
WHAT ARE THE BEST SETTINGS and what should not be set. Please can anyone help.

Welcome also. That is a really good question. Tough to answer. Doorbells have a flaw. Mounting them doesn’t give you many options. That’s why I have not bought one. Use the search here. Endless conversations. Some are helpful…. Some not. You will find a few select people that get these things. Focus on them.