Eufy phone app alarm isn't louder enough

The Eufy app is not loud enough when an alarm is triggered. Two buzzes and a pair of beeps on my phone won’t wake me up if I’m sleeping so I won’t detect if someone entered my house when I’m out of it.
The Eufy app must allow setting a fixed, noisy alarm like the phone alarm clock so I must wake up and close it, otherwise, nobody will detect burglars until I wake up in the morning, and the damage is done.

My best suggestion is Turn up your phone volume to max! The app isn’t what makes your phone loud… :wink:

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Thank you for your suggestion but I consider that two beeps, even if they are loud, won’t wake most users if they are deeply asleep. Having a constant ring tone until you disconnect it, just as the phone alarm clock, would be a great improvement.

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If you’re on android, you can set something up using tasker.