Eufy Pan & Tilt can't change settings

Its been almost 4 months since I can’t change a single setting on my Pan & Tilt cam (currently on version 2.0.8.
3 ). Updating fails at 99% all the time.

When trying to make any changes to the camera I get different kinds of messages:
Unable to connect to camera -3
Unable to connect to camera -6
Camera is offline
Unable to change setting. Try again later.

The interesting thing is I could always stream video from the app, make recordings, move the camera around.

I’ve tried resetting the camera, deleting the app, and even using a new router with no different result.

I’ve set the router to use a specific IP address for the camera and there seems to be no improvement either…

Any clues what is going on??

I have this exact same problem. I tried to add an additional camera and the new camera wouldn’t allow me to change any settings. I deleted the app from my phone and reinstalled it. When I did I added the new camera first and it resolved the problem for that camera and allowed me to change things, but after adding the second camera both went back to not being able to adjust settings again. This REALLY needs EUFY’s attention. I was pretty disappointed to see that all they have for support is a community chat board.

After becoming frustrated and resigning to the fact that I would have to return these cameras that I really like, I had connected them both and was able to view them, but would still receive the “Unable to connect to camera -3” if I tried to change a setting. I left them and my phone on and reset my router. This immediately fixed the problem and I was able to view and adjust everything. It appears to be a software issue with Eufy’s app and the firmware in the camera, but the router controlling the reset allowed then to come online at the same time and worked like a charm! Hope this helps someone. SO FRUSTRATING! And I’m an I.T. guy!

I tried rebooting the router as well. It only worked for a few hours and then the Cam refuses to online or react again. Its so annoying.

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