Eufy pan/tilt camera keeps turning on and off night mode in a very dark rook

Hello, I have an eufy pan/tilt camera, and sometimes I face an issue with auto night-mode - when the room is completly dark, the camera turns night-mode on, but after a few seconds it turns it off, then on again, and off again… endless loop of night mode on/off. If I reboot the camera - it starts working fine, it “decides” to keep the night mode on.

The firmware is the up-to-date

Please help!

In case the solution is unknown - is there a way to schedule reboot of the camera every evening?


Well, the only thing I could think of… besides a malfunctioning camera is, is there anything nearby that’s reflective / shiny surface that could possibly be bouncing back the IR~infrared LED lights back onto the camera thus causing the issue?

Thank you for your reply,

There are no reflective surfaces, at least not any big ones . Besides… if it was the problem, then it should persist after camera reboot. But this isn’t happening - camera reboot solves the problem.

Just for future references - factory resetting the camera seems to have solved the problem. I did it 9 days ago and haven’t experienced the problem since then.

Thanks :laughing: it helps me. But it’s still crazy that we have to reset the security camera to factory settings

Bumping topic. Appears to still be a problem on the lastest firmware. My P24 cam is running and started doing this immediately after the firmware updated.

It’s the same for me, but the TV in the room changes the light level with different pictures and then the camera relays click in every few seconds. It would be great to set a time or threshold where you can determine when the IR should come on.

Same for me. Also running FW… Hope the more reply here, the faster they fix it…

Bumping thread again. Still no FW updates and issue persists.

Bumping this thread. I have just purchased a eufy security 2k camera and I have the same issue.
The camera works perfectly during the day and switches to night mode if the room is too dark. But every evening when it is pitch black the night mode switches on and off every 5 seconds. It’s very disturbing and quite noisy, I have to disable night mode all together every evening to stop the noise.
Please provide a fix for this!

The cause is that when ir light turnung OFF under Auto, it triggeted the motion detection. Thus, light is back ON again.

I would like to a an ON/OFF toggle for IR.

It is Eufy lack of App feature.

It is the end of 2022 and the problem has persisted all this time. Still present with the firmware!
Either this is a unacknowledgeable hardware issue, or EUFY simply don’t care. I don’t know which would be the worst :frowning:

As an author of the thread I can only say I was unable to fix this issue (I had a long email conversation with Eufy about it, but without any working solutions), and in the end I returned the camera to the seller as broken, got my money back and bought a different camera (EzVIZ C6CN).

All in all I’m disappointed by the lack of solution.

Exactly the same issue with firmware

Maybe it has to do with the position of the camera?

I bought another one, same firmware version ( and has exacte the same problem. :sweat_smile:

I talked with Eufy support about this about a year ago and they replied with this:

In this case, may I trouble you to reset the camera by holding the sync button for 10s and wait for 20-30s to test the connection again? Also, please unplug the power plug and replug it back in.

I tried that and it worked. I have had the issue happen once since then but it was resolved by rebooting the camera. Hope that it helps someone else with the same issue.