Eufy Network going down

What’s the scoop with the network going down semi-regularly? Causes inability to view videos for some reason… makes me question the stability of this ecosystem I just bought into.

This apparently has been an issue on and off for over a year… any plans to fix it?


Eufy is being Goofy for sure. Hope they fix the problem soon.

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From Eufy:

We are sincerely sorry to say that there’s been an issue with Eufy Security server. Please be assured that our tech team is working very hard on fixing this as soon as possible.

Having more and more users worldwide registering eufy accounts and logging in to the Eufy security app, our Eufy Security server needs upgrades to accommodate the expanding scale. For better user experience in the future and for system maintenance, we are performing a system upgrading but unfortunately encountering a system-wide issue.

Rest assured that your cameras are still working and all the recorded videos will be saved in your local storage. And when the server is back to normal, you can still see all the recorded videos on the Events page.

We genuinely hope you have faith in our engineers and we will try our best to resolve this issue as soon as possible within 24 hours.

The problem that users cannot view any footage has been solved. If you still have same problems, please contact

The reason you had this problem is that we had a temporary maintenance for the server. The maintenance does not affect the recordings of the camera. The video data does encrypt and save on local HomeBase. Video data streams directly from HomeBase to your phone.

Nowadays, remote access is mandatory for most people. We developed the architecture starting from this demand.

The App relies on the server as an address book to find the HomeBase and locate the video.

The key concern here is whether the video data is uploaded to the cloud.

No, videos are not uploaded.

If you would like to know more, a simple test could help you understand. Once the App allocates the video and you start playing one of them, you may unplug the Internet cable of the router. This cuts your camera system from Internet. You will find your phone can still playback the next couple videos because the video is transmitted directly from HomeBase to the phone.