Eufy iOS App draining battery

Eufy App iOS has been draining the phone’s battery like crazy. Overnight, it has almost completely drained my phone that was fully charged.
The app seems to be doing something in the background that is keeping the phone busy.

App version: 2.9.1_721
Anyone else seeing this?

Nope, mine is fine.

My wife complained about this on her iPad doesn’t seem to effect my iPad or iPhone the same way.

I have removed the Eufy app from my iPhone. 75 percent drain overnight, almost all background. This all started recently. Don’t know exact date, but this month sometime. I am satisfied with the Eufy cams so I hate to change to a different brand.

I use Android but I imagine there is a power saving feature in IOS similar to what is on Android. It will put the app to sleep when it isn’t actively being used. You could also look at background data settings. The android app does a periodic check to see all devices are still alive and pass updates to the cams. I’m guessing that the IOS app has similar functionality.

I make it a habit to manually close the app at night so it doesn’t do all the background chatter. It will still alert me if something happens, but it keeps the battery usage to around 5% overnight instead of 10-20%.

It drains my iPhone battery immediately.