Eufy Indorr Cam IR : toggling on and off every 5 seconds

Hello everyone,

I have a Eufy Indoor Cam with firmware.

It’s used mainly with Homekit and, therefore, deactivated in the Eufy app.

Infrared is set to auto in the Eufy app and activated in Homekit.

The camera is behaving strangely : it’s toggling it’s infrared sensor on and off every 5 seconds.

Is there a fix to this ?

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Same problem with one of my 3 eufy indoor 2K Pan-Tilt cameras.

It turns IR on and off every 5 seconds. No changes of illumination inside the room.

How can I fix it?


Another 2k indoor cam owner here with the same issue. Only thing that fixes it is to restart the camera every night once we turn the lights off. But rather annoying to do that every day!!

Another 2k owner here - same problem. On my second 2k after doing a return and same issue…seems to occur when the camera first goes to night vision after loss off light and then gets stuck in a loop, with IR turning on and off every 5 seconds. Restarting (from the wall socket - doing via the app does nothing) resolves it roughly 30% of the time…

Same issue here, with an annoying audible clicking sound when IR LEDs switch on then off every few seconds at night. Is it a faulty hardware failing, or a bug introduced by a recent firmware update? I didn’t have this behavior until recently and everyone seems to report this problem since about a month.

+1, exactly the same issue, I found this thread while looking for a solution. Restart helps for a while. Very annoying, since I have two cams and they’re clicking like crazy in the night. I’m considering warranty return.

Same problem with my new 2k indoor cam :frowning: Please help …

recent firmware update? or app.
tiday my indoor stopped recording to sd card

Ours just started doing this today, quite annoying but does seem to randomly stop after a couple of minutes or so. Any sign of a fix coming soon?

My eufy has the same issue. Very anoying hearing the clicking sound when it switches. Is there anyone from Eufy who knows what to do?

I am facing the same issue. Extremely annoying…

Same problem on BOTH of my new indoor cams. I noticed a mismatch between the firmware versions on HomeKit and the Eufy app. Eufy app says it is on v2.1.2.4 but HomeKit says they are on 2.0.98. It could possibly be a HomeKit error.

My initial thought was the CCD was fritzing, having been exposed to light for a while, then exposed to no light it may take some time to adjust or re-calibrate since it stops after about five minutes.