Eufy Indoorcam 2k with HomeKit Secure Video and HomeKit Router


I’ve recently purchased multiple Eufy Indoor Cam 2K cameras, I’ve proceeded to update the cameras to the latest firmware release and enabled the camera to use HomeKit, specifically HomeKit Secure Video.

I have Eero routers and have the Eero routers enabled for HomeKit also, I have set the Indoor Cam 2K cameras to ‘Restricted’, however this causes loss of service, the camera feed is no longer accessible in the Eufy app, which I’m fine with, but the feed is also lost in the Home app.

As I understand, using the HomeKit Router function, secures the camera to local home hub devices only, however this doesn’t appear to be working.

Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.


I have the Pan and Tilt I mine work fine on restricted. I do however have the cameras off in the Eufy App. Also if the cameras are set to restricted and reboot the cameras will reboot themselves over and over.

So would you still say they work fine on restricted?

Clearly buggy then.

Commenting here to say I’m experiencing the same issue.
This seems to be unique to Anker/Eufy and I honestly wonder how they passed Apple’s HomeKit certification with this.

Please fix ASAP! HomeKit products are supposed to work autonomously without an internet connection present.

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I agree entirely, How did this pass Apple certification? I have Logitech Circle cameras and these are also set to Restricted, but work reliably. I will not be using these cameras until this is fixed, if this is not fixed, they’ll be going back, and I’ll never look at another Eufy product.

Anyone know of a route to raise this with Apple?


Same problem here.

Eventually my indoorcam reboots itself and then goes into a reboot loop like others already mentioned.

Same issue here. I have a eero router and I want to use it specifically for this with these cameras.

Maybe Apple Support twitter or here:

I could not find anything specific but I’m reaching out in a few ways.

Eufy, are you going to fix the problems here with cameras not working in HomeKit and going into a reboot loop when the camera has local networking but doesn’t have internet access?

Have you tried emailing. I get good response from email but forums seem like mostly just for the customers.

@Mengdi @Yanyee1. Can either of you please confirm if this is a bug or a design constraint?


please contact for technical support

The latest update, v2.0.77 appears no more stable.

As shown below. The camera is set to offline when an occupant is home, the camera simply restarts every 2 minutes.

I simply do not understand how Eufy have received HomeKit Secure Video Certification for this device. It simply does not work as it should.

I ended up returning mine. This was simply unacceptable to me. I’m staying away from all things Eufy until this is fixed.

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Apparently there’s a new firmware that fixes this. Can someone confirm?

Can confirm that it is now fixed.

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Not fixed…this has happened at least twice now since this firmware update

Send an email to support, this issue is fixed, mine haven’t had internet since release and work just fine.

Latest firmware is supposed to resolve issues with HomeKit connections and HomeKit routers. I don’t have a router to test but HomeKit is now working great.