Eufy Indoor Camera Power Supply

Has anyone had any success in using indoor cameras with a power bank?

I’ve ordered one camera, for location where I can get mains power. However I have one space which I’m going to struggle to get discrete mains power to.

My options are to either run a 5m USB cable under carpet / skirting. Or use a 20,000mAh power bank I have sitting around.

I would rather not use a 2C or similar battery camera. (Aesthetics)

@Raj_Parmar Yes, I have used a power bank to charge the 2K indoor pan/tilt cameras and everything worked well. However, I did it for temporary use (for several hours)…but I don’t see why it wouldn’t last for longer, as long as the batter charger gives output, it should be good to go.

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Thanks. I’m intrigued as to how long it will work for. I have one being delivered tomorrow, and I will be concealing the cables over the weekend for a clean wall mounted installation.

I’ll try it out, before the weekend and see how long it lasts. I think the peak draw is 1a, so in theory should last around 20hrs, which is no good to me.

However I’m hoping that as the camera, IR, speakers and mic are on standby, it may last longer.

I’ll update the thread on my findings.