Eufy Indoor Cam 2K

Coming from Arlo Q (have 2 of these) to Eufy, I noticed Eufy does not have geo fencing. Is it coming?

I don’t want the cameras recording/triggered/armed when I’m home. Only when I am away. I see no way to set that unless I turn each and every cam on/off for motion or something.

Thanks! So far the setup has been simple, love the quality of the video. This is really my only gripe.


Eufy has Geofencing on their other cameras. I have the 2C with Homebase 2. Hopefully it will come soon to Indoor Cams.


Thanks for your support and feedback.

We will release the geofencing feature in the future. Implementation plans and scheduling plans are being studied, and we will synchronize with the customer after confirmation.

By now, you can use the security Home/Away mode to meet your demand. But it need you to set schedule to work with it.

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Yep definitely need geofencing!

Thanks, I didn’t know that was there. The app isn’t bad but could use some polish. Some things are buried. Some items also aren’t clear on what they do. There are some issues with misspellings/grammatical as well.

Really hoping all these things don’t end up like X10 products. Anyone remember them? Ugh, it got bad.

Hi. In addition to geofencing, please allow Grouping of devices so that we can toggle all the devices in a home to the same mode at the same time. E.g. Homebase 2 and indoor cams all switch modes as a group.