Eufy Indoor Cam 2K: big security problems right out of the gate

  1. Please don’t force us to use an app to set up the camera. While many will want to use it, some do not.
  2. I need an account to use the app to set up my camera. This is entirely unacceptable. Stop trying to compromise my security by connecting my cam to your servers. No account should be necessary to set up the cameras. My cam will never be allowed to connect to the Internet, which is the most secure configuration.
  3. Does anyone know how to get around these problems? I would like to have local + NAS storage (or even better a cloud location of my choosing), and use the app to connect to my cams when I’m at home. But the app and the cameras must not connect to the Internet, because that is the most secure configuration.

If you use HomeKit, you can setup the HomeBase 2 directly within Apple’s Home app. You can then manually pair the cameras to the HomeBase 2 using the sync buttons. These cameras will then show up in the Home app. If you have an iCloud subscription, you can then take advantage of HomeKit Secure Video (once released) for up to 5 cameras that will record to the cloud. All of this can be done without ever having to open the Eufy Security app.

Hopefully that will be helpful for some. Unfortunately I’m not an Apple user.

It’s incredibly annoying that Eufy are taking what appears to be nice hardware and weighing it down with a crappy software system. Just give me control and leave me alone. No accounts. No collecting my data.

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What systems don’t require an account?
All I’ve tried all have accounts before you can access the app
Unfortunately eufy cams have been know to stop recording & other issues on loss of internet

Yes I agree that reliance on internet connection is bad & that we should be able to use the system offline if we wished but I think it’ll be unlikely to no have an account

My ideal scenario would be to have notifications & access through Lan without internet, setup a firewall & VPN so I can access remotely & receive notifications but block anything else


There are plenty of cameras you can buy that don’t require you to create an account on some web site to set them up. It is absolutely needless. Now, if a user wants to store their cam data on Eufy’s servers, that should be an option, and I’m sure some people will go for it. If I was going to use cloud storage, I might use my own AWS S3 bucket–a place where I control the access instead of Eufy.

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Also, no 2FA. Creating an account is the least of your worries when anyone can hack it and take it over.


Don’t expect to work without an Internet connection. See my post here:


That’s crazy. I’ll have to track the no-Internet problem too, and will definitely consider it when it comes time to decide about returning my cams.

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The system connects to an internet tracking company thiat is used for advertising. I saw that when monitoring its internet traffic

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The fact that this camera has remote access through Eufy servers enabled by default is entirely unacceptable, and others are saying the cameras can become inaccessible over the LAN when internet connection is lost, probably due to inability to phone home collected data?

All I want is an RTSP capable camera recording to my local NAS on events with no funny internet business, and my own VPN access if I really want it. Considering returning this camera now…

Oh and this camera doesn’t seem to work in RTSP to NAS mode for event based recording, only continuous, what a let down.