Eufy Indoor 2K Pan&Tilt

Hi guys! Im new here.

2 months ago I purchased the Wireless Eufy doorbell with the HomeBase. I was excited and happy about the product that I recently purchased 2 outdoor cams 2k support and 1 indoor 2k pan&tilt.

When I received and installed al products I was surprised that the indoor camera cant be connected to the Homebase.

So my question is will there be a future update that it will be able to connect to HomeBase.

I also use Google routines but for now I cant use any routine for my indoor camera… :frowning:

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@umut.bayrak Unfortunately, as of right now it sounds like it will not happen with their current home bases (1 or 2). Recently, Eufy has requested input from their users for these type of upgrades (among other AI additions) to their “new” Home Base 3 units.

Now, it doesn’t mean they can’t or will not fix any current issues with a software update. BUT their language does not make it seem that way… As usual we’ll just have to wait and see since they rarely have any formal release updates. News is usually pushed through their moderators with no specific dates. Just sometime in the future.

Let see and wait then. If it will be supporter with the new HomeBase 3 in future I would replace mine, but it would be a waste of money :slight_smile:

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I’ve got serious connection problems with the 2K indoor pan tilt cameras I just set up. Where the multiple 2C cameras and video doorbell are completely stable.

This should be implemented straight away and the majority of the problems people are experiencing with these cameras are connection issues. This is probably due to the camera not being compatible with certain routers.

Connecting to the hub would eliminate all these problems and stabilise the connection. This would save them a lot of time on support and product returns. Not to mention saving their reputation.

I have a homebase 3 with:

  • Wireless doorbell
  • 2x eufy cam 3 (S330)
  • 2k pan and tilt indoorn

Waiting indeed for the 2k indoor to be compatible with the homebase 3
It was on januari this year, it now changed to february this year

Hope it wil come this month so i can record with the indoor cam on the homebase 3

I had contact with an agent, they are working on it, so fingers crossed.